Not Taking Life For Granted

Thomas - Bend, Oregon
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Probably the greatest question we can ask ourselves is what is the most important thing in life. This question could quite simply be impossible to answer and is definitely different for every one of us. When you try to think of the most important thing in your life, what is it? If you can pinpoint the answer, you can determine what your life is based on. Sometimes the most basic of principles are things that we overlook everyday.

I think that so many people don’t appreciate how fortunate we are. I believe in not taking life for granted.

Life and the love we get, the experiences we have and the opportunities that lay ahead of us are endless. Some people throw away what they have and don’t realize what they had until it was gone. I think that we shouldn’t have to lose anything in order to find ourselves.

All the things people wouldn’t know if my life was over tomorrow, there are things that I have been too scared to do and tasks that I have been too lazy to complete. There are too many people I never looked in the eye and I have too many unspoken words. I have chosen sleep over early mornings too many times. I’ve spent too much money on materialistic things instead of using it to live my life. Even though I know that so many of us are sitting reading this essay with designer jeans on, an ipod in our pocket and a cell phone that can do more than most computers, we feel our life’s still aren’t fulfilled. What more do we need?

Material items rule our lives and it’s causing the sweetness of life to turn sour. Savor the tastes of life by recognizing who you are, and what you have. Simple things in life may not be so simple when you come to realize the impact they really have.

I came to realize how much I have in my life after I returned from Japan in 2006. Their lifestyle somehow affected me in a way I don’t think anything else could. Some call it a rude awakening but others, a way to open my eyes into a culture with different standards in what life has to offer. I found the whole experience humbling, and to say that

we are privileged is merely an understatement. I feel more in touch with life than ever before and don’t take anything I have for granted.