A Life Anew for All

Meg - Sacramento, California
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

One day, I heard the doorbell ring. It was my neighbor asking me to pick up his newspapers while he was gone. I accepted, and he later gave me a paper with the instructions. All was going well until I noticed the last sentence in bold on the sheet that said, “Don’t let the Mexican workers next door see where you hide the key!” This angered me, and I realized what this world, time, community where I live has come to. Prejudice, discrimination, and opinion have surrounded me and I feel it is a time for change, here and now.

Throughout all of history, prejudice has been a prominent foundation for war, mistreatment, and fatalities. People of all backgrounds, races, religious up-bringing, genders, and sexual orientations have been prosecuted and forced into slavery and harsh conditions. Hearing these stories not only touches my heart, but gets me utterly puzzled as to why any person would inflict pain and hatred on another human being. The answer: arrogance, stupidity, and the unwillingness for change. Many people believe that if something has stayed a certain way for a while, it must continue on that way. But, in my opinion, diversity should be embraced. I believe we should accept different people and take a day to walk around in their shoes, learn from their experiences and mistakes, and realize how much alike we all really are. By learning these things we are starting on a path of diversity and equality that should have been worn centuries ago. By learning these things we are helping all people be comfortable in their own skin. And, by learning these things we are renewing the world to the state it was meant to be, and we are on our way to the best we, the people, can be.

With all of the new knowledge that we will have gained, we can start new things. We can build great foundations and organizations with all peoples’ experiences and education. We can learn from people in the past’s mistakes and start life anew. I believe in this world of knowledge and wisdom. I believe in this world of embraced people and new friendships. I believe in every person’s ability to accept new things and every person‘s uniqueness that contributes to one community of equals. I believe in equality and diversity.