Human Condition:Judgment

Katherine - So. San Francisco, California
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in judgment. I believe that all people judge and that all people are judged. To be a living being is to judge because all things must judge to survive. To reach conclusions about situations and other people is what keeps us alive. We reach conclusions based on body language and tone of voice; but because human minds are more easily corrupted than others are, we quickly create other criteria to judge people on.

Humans have learned to believe that who they are is superior to what other are; so we learn to judge people on things like race, intelligence, beauty, etc. these judgments are made by everyone, for everyone; even if it is just as an observation. However, when a group of people decides that one certain judgment is easily applied to another group of people, this creates stereotypes. People thrive on stereotypes; I say this because they make it ten times easier to judge. If we already have a preconceived notion of what a person or group of people are like, there is no need for us to break free of our comfort zone and get to actually know that person or group of people and form our own opinions.

People are taught from and early age that it is not only good, but necessary to judge. We learn this from grades. These are teachers with hundreds of students, who do not have the time to personally get to know each and everyone of their students. These teachers write down how ‘smart’ each of their students are; and everyone you ever meet in an academic environment will judge you on this. These grades are stereotypes because unlike the people the grades concern, there is absolutely nothing unique about them. They are applied as the teacher sees fit. The smartest person can fail a class because they choke on tests or are physically not able to be at school every day or because their personal life sucks. In addition, a complete idiot can get an A in a class because they are very skilled at copying or cheating on work, or they give the teacher a little something extra. People are taught to judge in their English classes-proof-adjectives. What is an adjective? It is a SUBJECTIVE description… yes I believe even colors are subjective-I think it’s magenta, you think it’s red. It’s all subjective.

However, no matter how hard we try to escape from this judgmental path of life, we cannot do so. It is the universal human condition. It you take away sight, you will judge on smell, taste, sound, and feel. If you take away any sense, you make all other senses judge even more. Judgment is inescapable; so all we can do is stop judging based on stereotypes or simply what we see. We need to judge on things with actual significance. All people must begin to look deeper that the skin and even deeper than the words people speak. We must delve into the mind behind the mask.