Ward Work Equals Success

Brian - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Hard Work Equals Success

Hard work equals success. Dos not matter if it is succeeding in school, work, sports, or anything else, your goals can be reached with a little dedication.

I have always have had a high value in hard work all my life and I believe that it has made what I am today. Education and sports has been my life since I was little. Each discipline requires a lot of time and work to succeed in them. Growing up my parents taught me to do well in school. To do this I had to work hard at homework and studying. I think has paid off because now I am going to a good school to study engineering. At the same time I know that it is not over, it’s just starting. To have a good life you have to create you own destiny by working for things you want.

In soccer, I came into high school with some talent, but it was not enough to make the JV team as a freshman. This however, only made me to make it even more. I stayed with the team as manager all freshman year, traveling and practicing with the team. Everyone saw the improvement I made during the course of the season even the coach. The next year I made the JV team and got good playing time. My junior year I was on the chopping block again and was put on the JV team. My senior year my school got a new coach. Through hard work throughout the summer and the preseason I convinced him that I was good enough to be on the varsity team, not only that but to be a starter. So over a four-year period I went from not good enough to be on the JV team to being a core part of the varsity team. This was all caped off by winning the MIP, most improved player, award in my senior season. To me this award represents all my hard work that I did.

There are thousands of success stories of people going from a regular life to being successful at something that they could not have reached without working hard at it. The best way to reach a goal is work prepare and practice for so when the opportunity comes you are ready. No matter how you look at it hard work equals success.