I Believe in Love

C - Illinois
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe love.

Love, to me, is most important feeling a human can ever possess. Love isn’t always the subject for that sappy romantic flick you saw on TV a few days ago, but the core of humanity. What would hold us together better? Love is universal, binds us together, breaks our heart, lets us grow.

Love is strength.

When I held Jamie on the day she died, there was no hope. No joy. Not even relief from here diseases. Only sorrow – but there was only sorrow because I loved her. It was cruel of me to wish her back after so much suffering and pain. It was cruel to make her so sick in the first place, but without her, I would have never learned all the valuable, wordless lessons. It was cruel that she died before she was 10 years old. But it was kindness that ended her suffering. It’s love that makes me think of her day after day; love that made her so beautiful.

It’s love that caused me to remember her and to write this. She was the bravest person I have ever known.