I believe in the power of perserverance.

Judd - Palm Coast, Florida
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

We lost our dog one day. I will never forget that phone call. I was in the city working and just picked up and raced home. I couldn’t believe she was gone. The house felt so empty without her. I missed how she would greet me, or throw her chewed up squeaky toy on my lap begging me to play with her, while all I wanted was to read the paper.

I embarked on a mission to find our Chicha. I made signs, posted photos of “Missing Dog” and even stuffed area mailboxes with a photocopy of a now cherished photo of her. I remember the near hit phone calls that followed. It seemed daily there was someone calling, “I saw her on Oregon Avenue,” “I saw her leaving church on Sunday,” even one “I tried to catch her but she ran towards the park.” All great leads which gave me faith and hope in finding her. We even got one caller who said “What if you never find her, how long are we going to have to look at those signs up all over the place. CLICK.” I smiled and thought about the power of perserverance. A few weeks passed and one day while routinely putting up a poster on a telephone pole, a big SUV pulled up and the window rolled down and a hand pointed at the poster and said “I saw that dog.” I immediately noticed the beautiful french tip nails but didnt see the face. When I inquired where, she simply said “at my nail salon.” I asked where it was and raced over there. I went in with my poster in front of my body and cheerfully asked if they had our dog. The man said he had her but she ran away. I am an investigator by profession and didn’t trust his answer. We thought of staking out the place, following him home, or even going in again to demand our dog back! None of this was necessary, as a few days later we got a phone call from someone who said they had our dog. We drove to the address the man had given and thought, how did she get almost an hour away? Our question was answered when the man said, “I work in the nail salon.” We didn’t care about the lie. I felt for the first time that this was meant to happen. The power of perserverance is a strong one. From the smile on my face I recommend it to anyone!