Kelly - Harlingen, Texas
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Huddled close together under a big blanket, they both wonder aloud if it is over. Sticking her head out, she looks around and then back at her friend and tells her it is alright, they can come out now. Both wide eyed girls look at each other and laugh. Lucky the roof did not fall in like they had anticipated. Rolling on the floor, laughing, they realize how silly the whole concept was.

She sits on the floor looking at the television, her eyes fill with tears. She can’t control it anymore; she has to let them out. Her friend looks at her “What’s wrong,” she asks, “why are you crying?” She breaks down and tells her everything, knowing and trusting that her best friend will listen and let her feel it, even if it is about a silly boy. There is no better feeling then the knowledge that someone is there for you.

They start their weekly ritual, find a “classic” song, turn it up really loud, grab some sort of prop, and jam out. This has happened once a week for weeks on end, for hours at a time. Something so ridiculous and so weird (to most) is one of their favorite things to do. Listening to music, singing their lungs out, dancing around the room, who would have known these simple acts, would help to build such a strong relationship.

Grabbing the teddy bear out of her friend’s hand, she runs to the window with it. She jokingly threatens to throw him out the window. Her friend begs for her teddy back. Only she knows how special this simple little bear is to her friend. She finally gives it back, laughingly. She knows how to get to her.

They sit down on the couches, getting ready to watch one of their favorite programs. “Low Rider” starts the show off and immediately both girls are laughing. No more than five words are said, which is a fete in itself, between the two during the whole hour long program, just laughing. No one else would appreciate this moment quite like they do. It is one of their things.

Sitting on the bed, she looks at her friend feeling oddly full of trust and confidence; she lets it out, something no one else knows, probably the secret she has tried hardest to keep. Her friend looks at her and smiles asking why it took so long to tell her. Right then she knows that this is still a secret, one that will not ever be told, kept sacred between the two of them.

She begs for forgiveness, she cannot lose her best friend over a stupid weekend. All she wants is for her friend to believe her, to trust that nothing happened, and for things to go back to the way they were. In an instant, she feels that everything has changed. She reads the message terrified to see what it says. “You’ve been doing a lot of stupid stuff lately and it’s like you are taking advantage of me always forgiving you.” It breaks her heart to read this message but it’s something that needed to be said. From those few simple words, she changes her ways right then and there.

I believe in friendship. Blood may be thicker than water but I think friendship trumps both. Some friendships are fake and some are just casual but the ones that rock you to the core, the ones you would not be the same without, are special and should be cherished. Your friends are there for you day in and day out; whether they are mad at you or disappointed in you, they are still there for you. Love comes to us in all different ways; personally a lot of the love in my life has come from my dearest friends in my darkest hours. Someone you can cry and laugh with, sing out of tune and dance crazy with, rollerblade around a neighborhood for hours with, learn something new from, is someone you should keep close and not take advantage of, not many of them come around in a lifetime. Your family has to love you, but your friends, your friends, choose to love you and I know for my friends it is a task and I love them all the more for it. I believe in friendships and how they can affect your life, without mine I would not be the same.