Relationship Difficulty

Charlotte - Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe it to be extremely difficult to maintain a strong mother daughter relationship throughout your teenage years. My mom and I have always been close. That is up until this year. A person I could once talk to about anything quickly became a person I struggled to connect with. Anger and annoyance came upon every conversation we had. I grew so frustrated in listening to her ridiculous decisions prohibiting me from freedom. She became the obstacle in my way, preventing me from having a good time. Fun was a necessity to people my age. My mom disallowing it resulted in an immediate yet temporary hatred. Her personality was so up-tight, so cautious. Why did she have to clash with my care-free attitude? Why couldn’t she just let loose? Failing to agree with her structured view on life, left us with no room for understandings. Problems continued to arise, resulting in constant yelling and arguing. So much aggravation and disappointment arose from our inability to work things out. We quickly grew weak and tired from the same day to day problems and frequently lashed out at one another with hurtful personal remarks. These remarks weren’t said with truth, but still greatly affected how we viewed each other.

There would come times where we would both step back and look at the situation. A wave of guilt and heart-break would motivate us to really try and works things out.

Realizing the impotence of our relationship, and the little time we have left together emphasized how horrible things really were. We promised to try and better understand where each other was coming from. This process takes a great deal of effort and patience, many times having to resist comments and actions that would spark another fight. Our communication between one another grew less and less, many times ignoring what was really on our minds. Any topics that might spur on some sort of anger or upset were simply avoided. We would go a week or so with no big problems, no close communication. Then in the heat of an issue one of us, usually me, would lost it and yell some comment I end up regretting later on. Before we know it, we are right back to where we left off, completely frustrated and disappointed in letting our relationship grow weaker.