I Believe in Not Stressing Out

Katherine - Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

For some, the only concern is school, school, and more school. But, I firmly believe that one needs to draw a line on what is too much work. I feel that to succeed there needs to be somewhat of an even balance between work and play. For me at least, I have no motivation to do my homework if I have not socialized a least a little throughout the day. Whether it is hanging out after school or just a short phone call with a friend, I seem to have more attention and a tighter focus on the tasks ahead of me.

Why stress yourself out over a history test when all of these facts will probably be meaningless in your profession as a lawyer? In my opinion the most important ability one can posses is solid social skills. Even if one is just mediocre at their job, the ability to communicate successfully makes one appear that much better at what they do. One might as well begin their practice socializing now.

Although getting a good education is important, in order to not be completely overwhelmed, one must make time for enjoyable activities. It first began in elementary school with the innocent passing of notes. From then on, society has made it too easy to keep up socially. The trends have moved from note passing, to instant messaging, to text messaging. As corny as it may sound, these little additions throughout the day keep me in a cheerful mood. To some, these are annoying distractions, but to me, they are ways to relax and balance the stress of school and the enjoyment of friends. I know that doing homework while texting may take more time but one must find ways to enjoy their lives that are filled with homework and other boring tasks.