The Source Of Life

Stephanie - Sacramento, California
Entered on March 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Without water one cannot live. Water is vital to survive. Many things are based on water including our bodies, lives, and religion. I believe in water.

A human body cannot physically survive without water. Many young people think that food is more important than water. For those who believe that water is less important than food, they are wrong. A human body can live with out food for two weeks. Some humans can even survive for a month with out food but they cannot survive with out water. Water is included in many drinks which helps people get a source of water. It is healthier to drink plain water. As opposed to concentrated (or one hundred percent) fruit juice, soft drinks, and many others water is healthier. Water is healthier because it has absolutely no sugar or preservatives in its content.

Along with being important to a human diet, water makes up a lot of a human’s body. Approximately eighty percent of the human body is made up of water. This only goes to show that water is absolutely necessary to our lives.

I believe water is most important in the Catholic religion, the religion in which I participate in. Water is pure just like God. God surrounds my life which is why he is so important to me. There are different types of sacraments in the Catholic religion including baptism. Baptism in the first time we say “yes” to God. In this sacrament that I participated in my head was dipped in pure, holy water. We bless ourselves with the holy water when we go to mass to remind us of our baptism and the purity of the son of God, Jesus Christ, our savior. Another sacrament that I participate in is the holy Eucharist. The Catholic religion is based on the Eucharist which needs water to exist.

Jesus teaches us to love. We cannot love if we do not live, and we need water to live. I simply believe in water.