This I Believe: Eating While Standing Up

Deirdre - Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
Entered on March 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe: Eating while standing up

“Sit down while you eat!” My dad has gotten very good at saying this phrase to me; I would always have the same response, “why I sit down all day.” I frequently eat while standing because it is more comfortable. Why is it necessary to sit down while eating, does is really look that much nicer? I have never thought that eating while standing up is rude; it’s just not the norm.

I think that if as long as I use a knife, fork and plate it’s not rude. I still have all the manners I would have if I was sitting at a table, but because I’m standing my dad thinks it looks bad and it’s rude. I know that there are limits to standing while eating. If I’m at a formal dinner then of course I’m going to sit down, but if I’m having a quick snack, what’s the point.

I have this perfect table in my house for eating while standing up. It is the perfect height and it is so much more convenient than sitting down at the table. Just recently I have been finding my dad standing at the table eating a sandwich; has he realized the convenience of being right in the kitchen while eating. Standing up while eating is something I believe in because I don’t see how it is rude unless you are in public, at a formal dinner, or with your grandma.

I do not conform to always sitting down because standing up is something that I enjoy and it’s not any ruder than someone that sits down and eats like a savage. So kids if you really want to make your parents madder, stand up while you eat your snack, but remember don’t do it when you are out or with your grandparents.