Popcorn…… Julia

Julia - grosse pointe, Michigan
Entered on March 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Popcorn Julia”, the phrase that mortified me in my younger years, it would instantly send a shockwave throughout my whole body, my mind would go blank, hands would start sweating, my pupils would grow and my eyes would be wide as if I was caught in headlights. Sometimes I couldn’t deal with the in sensational force of the pressure, and quietly squeak out “sorry umm I have no idea where we are”, usually followed by groans from fellow team member that knew that was coming. Everyone hated when I was on their team for the reading a loud popcorn game, they always just thought I never paid attention to where we were, thus losing points for my team, but every single time I knew right where we were, exactly where we were.

My whole life I have suffered from mild dyslexia, nothing to really put me behind other students, but just enough to be extremely embarrassing. I believe that I can still excel in all areas of school, and yet still struggle with my mild dyslexia. I can read faster to myself than anyone I know, but I am extremely slow at reading out loud. It’s not such a big thing that I have to receive medical treatment, or even be placed in special classes for my learning disability. It affects me in little ways, like copying down homework, or copying math problems from the board to my notebook, having to re-read a sentence over and over till it makes sense to me, or answering homework questions incorrectly because I thought the teacher was asking something else.

Spanish, ugh I shutter at the word itself. It’s hard enough for me to read out loud in English, but in Spanish it’s point blank degrading. My Spanish teacher this year, whom I loathe, for good reasons, always calls on me to read the paragraphs in Spanish, because he knows I struggle. I always wonder if he does this to criticize me, or if he thinks he’s helping me. But it always ends out people laughing at me and my face turning bright red. I know exactly what it says there on the page in my head but for some reason when it comes out its completely distorted.

I simply overcome my Spanish teacher’s accusations with scoring extremely well on all his quizzes and tests, trying to prove him that I really do belong in his class. This motivates me to succeed in most of my classes, solely on the bases of proving people wrong. The more I hate a teacher the better I do in the class. Therefore I my learning disability actually helps me succeed in my schoolwork My mild case could be a nuisance to some but on the contrary it help me in my daily life. It makes me go that extra mile for my pure craving of achievement. What people have told me I can’t do, I have done.