Transforming Inspiration into Success

Justin - Apopka, Florida
Entered on March 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that inspiration can be transformed into success. As a child, I very rarely encountered any form of inspiration. I was taken away from my parents at the age of six, not really an inspiring thing to happen to someone so young. I experienced plenty of discouragement as a child. I found that being inspired to do something wasn’t easy. But I focused the energy I spent on my problems on something that would possibly be useful to me. I became engulfed in my schoolwork. Late in elementary school, I began to take a strong interest in politics. I enjoyed watching or listening to a debate. How could someone keep a group of people’s attention like that? With my new found interest I seemed to become intrigued by leadership and I began to look up to those around me that seemed to be doing the same as the people giving those speeches. I really rooted my interest into politics or more specifically leadership. There was this twinge I felt each time I heard a speech given. The tug became stronger inside of me each time I heard a speech. This is where I began to be inspired to do things outside my comfort level. I was always a shy child growing up, never wanting to be the center of anyone’s attention. I liked to be in the back of the crowd away from the glare of the spotlight. I would probably pass out from fright if I was in front of a group of people. I felt a strong urge to stand up out of the crowd and do something instead of procrastinating or being lazy. I became involved during my high school years. I reached out and grew into new groups of friends; I joined clubs, and actually becoming proactive in my life. Inspiration comes in many forms. It came to me in the form of someone giving a speech and I am glad it reached out to me in the way that it did. I have held various offices in high school, even as far as a state officer in a club at the state association level. I applied what I saw in front of me and said to myself, “I can do that and I will.” I was able to take a leading role instead of standing backstage, always out of the spotlight. I was able to grow as a person through being a leader and it really focused my life and gave me goals to live by. I was inspired to leadership through watching a simple person speak on a stage. I believe that if a person uses inspiration in the right way that they will encounter an abundance of happiness. I believe in the power of inspiration. I saw it change me and I have seen how effective it can be in making a change in those around me. I believe that inspiration can be transformed into success.