Teaching & Learning

Kayla - Kingston, Michigan
Entered on March 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that teaching should be a learning experience for both students and the teacher. Everyday is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the classroom to learn from each other. I believe that teachers learn from the students by observing their actions and how they learn so that they can adjust their teaching for future lessons. It is the job of the teacher to vary the way that lessons are presented to fit the needs of all students. I believe that by bringing everyday life to activities and teachings in the classroom, students will get a better concept of the material presented. I believe that students gain knowledge from their teachers to guide them in their future. Learning should be a fun experience and the teacher should accomplish this by having a variety of teaching strategies. Throughout schooling, students constantly encounter knowledge that will help them in their future, whether it is further schooling or jobs in the future. Students also gain knowledge from each other in the classroom. It is important for everyone to have the opportunity to help one another when needed. It is very interesting to watch students teach each other and steer away from everything teacher led.

By interacting with others, everyone can learn just as much as the next person if they are willing. The teacher needs to be open-minded and willing to change his or her ways of teaching. The students on the other hand need to be able to learn and then share their ideas with others to help them along the way as well. The lessons are more beneficial when they are taught in a form which works best for certain people. Not all strategies are going to work for every single student. This is why it is essential for the teacher to have multiple ways of teaching. It is also very important that teachers learn along the way and keep track of different ways that might work in various situations. Each child gives just as much as he or she takes every single day.

I believe that it is the role of the teacher to challenge his or her students, make things interesting, and make students want to learn. Students in contrast, should put their best effort forward to, ideally, make things easier for everyone involved in the learning process. The teacher has the duty to keep the classroom under control. It is important for the teacher to establish classroom rules so that everyone can get along within certain limits. Proper punishment should be enforced for those who misbehave. The students should be able to use their imaginations and be creative while staying within the boundaries established. This makes the classroom more like a business when everyone gets along and cooperates with others and also makes it easier for the teacher to teach, the students to learn, and vise versa.

I believe that teaching really is beneficial to not only students but teachers as well. There is such a difference in levels of the students that are in one classroom that it is impossible to teach one certain way for an entire year. Students need variation just as much as teachers do and we can all learn along the way!