Work Equals Society

Melinda - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on March 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have held three jobs in my life. I have tried to do my best in all three. I give my all, even if people do not think the work is important. As I have become older I have realized that I believe in work ethic and that everyone should do their best, no matter what the situation.

I have worked at the public library for two and a half years. My job only includes small work, such as shelving books, finding holds for people, and working the book drop. I work twelve hours a week and I believe that I should work hard all twelve of those hours. One of the adults who work at the library was the first to tell me that I have good work ethic. He laughed at me because I can never slack off, even when there is not much to do. If there are not any books to shelve I organize the shelves or just clean up around the building. Some people might think that my job is easy or insignificant. I disagree. My job might be small, but I know that without it the library would not be able to run because the books that people checked out would not get put back on the shelves. If I did not work hard the entire twelve hours a week, I would feel like I was wasting the library’s money, and indirectly, the taxpayer’s money. Since I get paid by the hour I should continue to work the whole time I am clocked in.

A fellow employee at the library, lets call her Betty, showed me just how annoyed I get at people who do not have work ethic. Betty not only comes to work late, she does not work nearly as much as the other student assistants. Whenever I see her name along side mine on the schedule I cringe. Working with Betty means that I am going to get paid just as much as she will, but I will be doing at least twice the amount of work. In one four-hour shift I will shelve at least four carts of books. Betty, on the other hand, will shelve at best two carts. Not only does she shelve less than everyone else, she chooses the carts that are the easiest to shelve. Working with Betty has shown me how important work ethic is to me. Betty wastes the library’s money by not fulfilling her job to the best of her ability. She also puts the other student assistants in a position to work more than they need to.

No matter what occupation a person holds, it is important to work hard. Everyone, from the grocery clerks to the neurosurgeons, have an obligation to fulfill. People count on them to do their job. Each person contributes to society and it is important that they try their best in everything they do. Work ethic is a necessity for the world to continue to operate the way it does. It is unfair to have people who benefit from the work of others without giving any effort of their own. I know that I will have many more jobs throughout my life, and I will continue to have good work ethic in each one.