To Whom It May Concern…

Roger - Leesburg, Virginia
Entered on March 17, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Like Dr. Suess’s Cat in the hat, Or perhaps Green Eggs And Ham.

Americans are drawn into the lyrical satirical sublime prime time episode. Of what we all ask?

Wow someone opened a real door…

Is there a makeover in the making? Will some jerk get a new house where his neighbors all pretend to be his friends. Will a millionaire give away a fortune cookie?

Oh no…I think american idol is on!

Reality TV? Come on is’nt that an oxy moron.

Radio like NPR? Who ever listens to the radio anymore, When you can download your favorite moment on your I-pod.

Soon you can watch any movie anytime. Best bet is to have a personal camera attached to you 24/7 to see what you have’nt accomplished all week long.

Oh better tell the government to download the emergency broadcast wireless innernet interrupt signal to advise the public they are about to be nuked!

Oh yea, I forgot that all that info technology will be useless in the event of a National Emergency. Maybe, if your lucky the radio might still work on batteries. Probably even the wealthy will lose power in a day or two.

I guess its ok one quarter of americans will probably be in prison anyway.

Healthcare is the great system here we can all learn from. If you got the money we got the cure. I have a good idea…How about we hike the price of gas to lets say 500.00 a gallon.

Now you can drive a little and save the enviornment.

If more people did’nt vote than voted could’nt we not have a president at all!

There are a few things that need a little attention I believe…

How many times must you say you do not like green eggs and ham? Uncle Sam !!!

Perhap’s the cat in the hat is loose again !!!

Now for the real question “who’s gonna clean up after the cat is out of the bag?”

Its so easy to spill the truth…

Maybe it’s just me who feels overburdened by the massive cultural expansion.

Oh or maybe its you!!!

Oh by the way…Playstation #3 is smokin…

If your stuck in a really crappy world might as well think inside the box!