What is Right and Wrong

Justin - West Deptford, New Jersey
Entered on March 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Justin N


Period 7

In life all people have beliefs or thoughts about what is right or wrong. There is also those who are afraid to show what they belief in because of those around them. The truth is it doesn’t matter what others thing, it only matters what you love and care about.

Since I can remember people have been judging me on the way I look or the way I act. It didn’t matter to me at one point in my life but at another it did and it just kept on going until I understood why. Why do people care about what you where? Why do people care about how you act? Why do people care about who you are or what you do? Why is it fair for other people to judge me for what I am? To me it doesn’t seem that people should not be saying other things about people by just the way they are.

There’s always been a thought in the back of my head saying should I be like everyone else in the crowd or should I go off and be my self and do my own thing. Once in a while I try but in everyone’s eyes I see what they are thinking and I know what they want to say. When I just go off and do my own thing most of my true friends think its funny in our own ways. Lots of people just look at us and shake there head disproving what we are doing. They want us to hop in line like good little solders, but there is always those benefits we receive for doing what everyone wants us to do.

We always have the right to do what we want or say anything we want but people always try to cut you down in what you believe is right and wrong. All I keep on saying is .THIS I BELIEVE.