be who you are

jade - 83616, Idaho
Entered on March 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Jade G

American Literature I

Mrs. Lipschultz

11 March 2008

Be Who You Are

I believe in being your self and having the confidence of being you. Instead of having people tell you what to do or pressuring you to do thing that you don’t want to do or try to make you into some that you are not. I believe in showing people who you really are not trying to make them think that you are somebody that you not because most of the time they will like you for your true person not who you pretend to be.

In eight grade I fell into this situation I had my close friends that I could act how ever I wanted to around them but then I began to start hanging out with these new girls that didn’t like the people who I used to hang out with. I wanted to hang out with these girls so bad because they were popular but I wasn’t able to act my self around them they never saw who I really was. All they saw was me trying to be like them and trying to fit in with them. I was not confident enough to be my self around them and I felt uncomfortable every time I was with them. As soon as I realized that I wasn’t being my self around my new friends and I also realized that I have never shown them who I was really was, I was just another clone of them. I soon wanted my old friends back the ones who did not care how I acted and they would not be embarrassed about me or didn’t care, they would just laugh along with me.

Many people try to be someone that they are not because they are looking to impress someone or are not comfortable for who they are. I believe that everyone should show people who they really are and show there true person.