The transformational power of clay

Ethan - rindge, New Hampshire
Entered on March 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the transformational power of clay. When I put Earth in the hands of someone used to the touch of plastic or machines I can see their spirit take root. The primordial mud has an energy of its own which sustains life as well as soul. A seed watered in the Earth will grow. So when I work with the Earth, and feed my creativity, I always grow. When I teach a child with a disability they will discover their ability to make what their mind sets to when they work with clay. When I work with adults coping with a childhood of abuse they can form a vessel to contain the experiences that changed their life. Reaching into the ground I reach into myself and discover a new way of thinking. Shaping the clay teaches me that I have the ability to shape my life as well. Each deliberate stroke of the finger pushes the clay outward or inward, turning the chaotic mud into a carefully crafted piece of art. Everyday brings an opportunity to make anew. I wake up knowing I will work the clay a little differently, to understand what went wrong the day before and make this day right. The creative spark that is cultivated with clay work blossoms as problems arise in my daily life and I find solutions by thinking outside of the mold. When I trust in myself to make the right choice I take ownership of the outcome. I can hold my success with pride and take charge of my failures to turn them around. It is the cultivation of positive instinctual behavior that enables me to grow. This ancient instinct is nurtured by forming the Earth into works of art. The clay gives me permission to try something new, to squish it and start again, or to just let it be. Making art out of Earth kindles my spirit to soar. So dig your hands in the dirt, and you will start to grow.