I Believe In The Awkward Silence

Morgan - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on March 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There is one thing all humans have in common. Each and every one of us has been in that situation where no one says a single word and just stares nervously at their own feet. Whether it is at a social gathering, interview, or even during a car ride we have all experienced it no matter to what degree.

I believe in the awkward silence.

No matter where you go it cannot be avoided. It is a part of human nature. One moment you will be rambling about every possible thing you can think of and the next you will have no train of thought. When this drastic event happens, the awkward silence occurs.

Now there are multiple methods to solving the awkward silence. The first typical method is that everyone stares at each other uncomfortably until someone eventually cracks and breaks the silence. Laughter or even more talking may resolve this. You may recognize this method in the classroom, specifically when your teacher is waiting for a question or comment. This may also occur during car rides and can be resolved by the same method. Turning up the music is just avoiding the problem.

The next method occurs because of that one awkward individual. Everyone has that friend among their group, but we will not mention any names. The silence begins when that specific person makes a completely ridiculous and random comment. Because of their statement everyone just sits there staring confusedly at one another. At that point in time, to break the silence another individual just looks at that person and says “OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE SO AWKWARD!’ Although this often makes the individual slightly uncomfortable or embarrassed, they sometimes must be sacrificed to relieve the awkward silence.

A third approach to resolve the awkward silence is known as the awkward turtle. Some people have developed new terms including awkward tent or moose, but the turtle is the original. The method follows the same general process. First the silence is recognized. Secondly, everyone begins to look at each other and prepare and finally everyone yells “AWKWARD TURTLE” while making the motion. This is usually the most common approach and has spread throughout all high schools.

I believe in the awkward silence and that we all have our own methods to solving it. So next time you find yourself in that silent situation, will you break the silence or try and wait it out.