The Power To Change Your Destiny May Start With Changing Someone elses

Helen - New Castle, Delaware
Entered on March 16, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I was doing my annual spring cleaning and decided to get behind the television stand. (Yes this should be part of my regular cleaning, but hey, I’m not perfect). When I pulled it away from the wall, I immediately noticed movement. As I looked closer, I realized that a moth was caught in a spider web. I watched as it flopped around frantically, trying to free itself. I stood with broom in hand, transfixed by this act of nature playing itself out. The survival of the fittest in living color.

Eventually, I began to feel sorry for the moth and my first thought was, “I should free that poor fella,” but as I moved in, I had an epiphany. Didn’t the spider have a right to its meal? Who was I to decide who should win this battle for survival?

I walked away from the corner and began cleaning the windows. I was surprised to realize ten minutes later that I was still thinking about the moth and the spider.

I imagined myself as the moth. If I was in a difficult situation and someone who could help me just kept walking, how sad that would be. I realized then that we as humans need to care more about each other. Sometimes a small gesture or word by one could be life-altering for someone else. A compliment thrown out casually could make someone who has always had low self-esteem re-evaluate his or her worth and unknowingly start that person on a journey of healing. You may not even remember the compliment five minutes later, but that could be the defining moment of that person’s life. The situation could also work opposite for a negative comment. You could destroy someone with a careless, thoughtless word and never know it.

I vowed that day to give more of myself to others and hope it made a positive difference. Everyone deserved a chance at hope and happiness, even a second chance.

I knew that the spider had a natural ability to spin a web where ever it went. It would have another chance to get a meal. It would not starve.

I freed the moth.