Human Wealth

Clyde - Monument Beach, Massachusetts
Entered on March 15, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: humanism

Human Wealth

This I believe: The wealth of humanity does not lie in a single nation. There is a greater wealth, a human wealth, lying deep within us all. No one nation is greater than another. The belief that one is greater than another only leads to difficult feelings, and reflects a refusal to learn — and therefore understand — what another nation and its peoples experience, and therefore what they are. That creates opposition, conflict, opposing instead of sharing the global human wealth which lies within the selfhood of each and every individual.

Look at Earth, the way we can see it now. Feel Earth, and feel the space around it. Feel it also as a cell in your own body. Can you perceive that its growth into space — or into its own vast depths — will be strong and whole if it is filled with many conflicts and barriers, fighting itself? When you look upon Earth, and feel it as a cell, do you perceive how it could possibly function being divided against itself? Does a cell know good and evil? Does it divide itself into components of good and evil? Is one cell greater than another? What happens when a cell divides into two? What is it feeling? Is it at odds with itself? I believe that the answer is clear: It loves itself, experiencing the wealth of itself.

This I believe: Humans need always to grow, and exploration is one way of doing this, whether it is inner exploration, meaning inner Self, or outer exploration, meaning Space, Time, and all technologies surrounding them, all leading to discovery and new growth. But inner exploration needs more validation, and deserves more trust; not to learn how to control other humans, but to acknowledge and accept our own selfhood.

I believe that only fear stands in our way, leading to ignorance and unawareness of others, forming initiatives based on fear, blinding us to the presence of our greatest hope.

Human Wealth

Dancing the Universe in One, all together:

Open body, intimate knowledge, close love with all,

sharing the burdens of Human’s defeats,

and sharing Human’s desires —

Human wealth lying within the memory

and future sensitivities.

Human wealth is the connection with All.

I believe that this human wealth is the greatest resource that we humans have to offer Earth. Empowering it would bring hope to us all.