A Jazzy Way of Life

Lucas - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on March 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life is very tricky. No one in this world can tell any of us what the meaning of life is. Life is hard to define, and simply going through it day by day gives each and every one of us a different perspective on how to understand, enjoy, or get through life. Everyone has something they enjoy that makes their day move on. For me, this “thing” is simply music.

I believe in the power and emotion of music. Every song that was ever written has an interior motif. This theme is usually any kind of emotion. There emotions are the universal language of the world; and are understood by anyone and everyone. Nothing else in this world can constantly display an array of emotions.

I entered Turpin High School as a freshman who had never really taken the saxophone seriously. A lot of my friends were trying out for the jazz band, so I decided to try out with them. Oddly enough and with a little bit of luck, I made it into the jazz band. I was surrounded by some of the schools top musicians, and I was intimidated and scarred before and after every rehearsal. A few months into the season, our instructor introduced soloing and made everyone take a round of soloing. My first solo was anything but impressive. I played in the wrong key, squeaked a few times and sat down four measures before my turn had even ended. I felt horrible and as if music was pointless. Our instructor pulled me aside and said “You just wait, you’ll feel it.” During our first jazz festival we had a vamped solo section, and he pointed his finger at me. Even though I was pressured and shaking, I felt the music. The smooth drum beats and the walking bass line accompanied me through my first fun and sucessful solo. I had felt the music for the first time in my life.

Although unfortunately not everyone can experience the musical vibes that I did then and live off of now, everyone is able to simply listen to music and feel their own feelings. As a musician, I aspire to channel any emotion that I’m feeling through my music. Whether it is through the keys of a saxophone or the strings of a guitar, I attempt to convey a message as well as I can.

The influence that music has on everyday life is extraordinary. Lyrics by themselves are a simple way to feel emotion, but even instruments can give the listener a feeling of euphoria. Different musical movements like “the blues” or punk rock out comings are ways that different instrument techniques have displayed a musician’s feelings.

I live for music and it is what drives my life. Emotion is the most powerful thing anyone can feel, and music is what gives me that emotional high every time my fingers touch the saxophone or my ears feel the ear buds.