Outside the Boundaries

Stephanie - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, race

Movies. Dances. Parties. When looking at a selection like this people can sometimes get confused about what they mean. However, you put a list like that in front of a teenage girl or boy, and they can instantly tell anybody, “It’s a list of places to go on dates to, duh!” Teenagers have a mind of their own, I would know since I’m only going to be seventeen for only two more months. However, within those two months, I plan on doing something that has always been taboo in my family; have a real date, outside of my race.

I was born in a lily white town of Forked River, New Jersey. It was a fairly small town and everybody knew one another. Even way back then I was boy crazy from birth. I still remember being on the bus for the first day of kindergarten and seeing the cutest white boy ever! His name was Colton. He had beautiful blond hair that was slicked back, early 90’s style, bright blue eyes, and one of his ears was pierced. From that point on I was hooked on this boy. However, about two years later, my parents announced that our family would be moving to Las Vegas. This broke my heart. I had to leave behind my family, friends, and even Colton.

Now, ten years later, here I am. Finishing up high school, graduating, becoming eighteen, and still boy crazy as ever. For a long time I was only into dating white guys because that’s all my family allowed. The only time I ever had guys from different races around me was at school, god forbid I ever brought them home to my parents. However, about a few months ago, everything seemed to change. My mom started to talk to me more openly then usual. Not about sex, drugs or the normal things parents talking about, but more me growing up and what I wanted for myself.

I started talking to my mom about a boy at my school that I really liked and had a crush on for close to two years. “Who is he?” she asked. I knew that was when this was going to go downhill fast. “Kevin” I replied quickly, “Kevin Woo.” “Oh,” my mom said almost with a shock “well, he’s a nice boy, I think you two look cute together.” I was shocked! I just told my mother that I liked an Asian guy and she was ok with it? I later began to find out that my parents realized that they could not control my life forever and I needed to do whatever made me happy.

That now brings us today. I am single girl and I am anxious about my first date with Kevin. What to wear? What to say? Everything that I think before going on any date. However, I can’t help but think this date is going to be different. Kevin is different from the guys I usually date. There’s something different about him. Maybe it’s because he’s the first non-white guy that I liked, maybe not. I only know that I’m going to have fun and be the first one in my family to step outside the boundaries.