I Believe Laughter is the Best Medicine for the Heart

Laura - Midland, Michigan
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that laughter is the best medicine for the heart. It can lift a person out of sadness, make them realize all they hold, send a person a smile who is in desperate need of one, or just, for a tiny sliver of time, make someone realize that they love their life just that much more then they did the second before. There are so many things in this wonderful world to be grateful for that not taking a second out of your day to realize this is a shame. So many things surround everyone that have the potential to make them laugh. Why not embrace it?

To the person who thinks that their life is falling apart, or the person who has a stressful job, or the person whose family is falling apart, or the person who cares only about themselves, I issue you a challenge. Look around you. Realize that there is so much happiness that surrounds you. When something is funny, laugh. When something is so obvious you thought nobody could miss it, laugh. When something is so dumb you don’t know what else to do, laugh. When something is so unexpected, laugh. Just see how it feels.

It will lift you up on the wings of anticipation, and soar you across the waves of enjoyment. It will surround you like a cloud falling from the sky, and support you like the ground cushions your every step. It will let you express you emotions, even ones you did not know that you were feeling. On top of that, it shows the world that you are not afraid to let your guard down. Sure, this could lead to some potential embarassment, but it would be worth it.

Did you know that this same laughter that eases the worries of children, brings hope to those who have none, and gives the dying one last glimmer of sunshine is also healthy for you? Laughter can actually protect you against a heart attack. Laughter has been proven to be linked to healthy blood vessels and protecting your heart. What better and easier way to keep yourself healthy then to practice a little Tender-Loving-Care. However this time, it’s for yourself. Wouldn’t you like to go to bed knowing that beyond everything else you did for yourself today, the oatmeal for breakfast, the 60 minute walk around the neighborhood, skipping the ice cream that you wanted for lunch in place of a nice whole wheat sandwich, and allowing the kids to have pizza for dinner while you had a salad, you made your heart a little happier and a little healthier?

I believe that laughter is the best cure a person has at their disposal. What easier and healthier way to make yourself feel on top of the world then to let out a few uninhibited chuckles when something makes you want to burst out of the confined shell that we all live in today. I believe that laughter could cure the world’s problems, and we should start one person at a time. So next time you feel the urge, do as I believe and laugh. It will make you feel just a little bit better.