I believe that true friendship can change people.

Lisa - Las Vgeas, Nevada
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that true friendship can change people. A dear friend of mine dropped out of high school, with no real goals expect to make money and buy drugs. He began to follow this path he had created for himself and allowed other to help him follow it. With nothing except people who wanted to see him fail, all he continued to do was fail and go nowhere with life. He felt as if he had no way out and if he did get out no one by his side. I remember meeting him and seeing the pain in his face. His thought of getting out of this lifestyle was written all over his face. I met him when he was at his low, knowing that he needed help and I knew that he truly did not have friends. All he had was people who took his money to support their own lifestyles and to bring him down with him. When I noticed this I became his friends, trying to show him what real friendship was. At first it was hard for him to understand and he did not want to except my friendship. As we continued to be close and share a bond that he had not seen in others I began to notice the difference in not only him but his voice. I noticed the more time we spent together the more I would see him smile and the less I would see him do drugs. Slowing he began to stick up for himself and weave out all the negative people he had in his life. He learned that all he really needed is a true friend who wanted the best for him, and with that he could be the person he was meant to be. With my encouragements and hopeful talks he began to make realistic goals for his future and slowing exited the life of parting to the life he was meant to live. I did not have to do anything but show him the love and friendship he deserved and let he know he was better than the life he was living, and with that he changed into the person he is today. I want everyone to be shown real love and real friendship no matter who they are because it can help them become who they should be.