A Personal Road Less Traveled

Mar Kia - las vegas, Nebraska
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in solitude. I believe in being on my own in my own space: aloneness. I find that solitude is a state of mind, I do not physically go anywhere but my mind travels. It goes to the far reaches of the earth where no man has walked this millennium. In solitude there is peace, no craziness to deal with just me and nothing. Some say it is lonely by yourself, I say it is refreshing, like taking a bath after a long, hot day of dancing.

There are no people chatting, no cell phones ringing, no animals chirruping unexpectedly, and not a single one of the other infinite sounds that interrupt daily life, just stillness and silence. I believe in the complete silence that solitude brings. Some argue that there is no such thing as complete silence; I find that solitude brings a silence that settles the mind and body completely. Make no mistake sounds pervade slowly into my isolated state, making their way towards me. However, these sounds do not rudely shake me from my concentrated state; rather they fuse with me pushing me deeper towards the ends of the earth while keeping me aware of what is happening around physical me. I love the silence that solitude brings, but better than the lack of noise is the lack of other people.

Other people while sometimes bring joy also bring corruption. On my few short years on earth amongst other people I have learned that it takes one to corrupt another. In company some people stick to their good qualities and virtues staying true to themselves while most begin to follow the will of others, or to satisfy their vain, jealous, or greedy feelings. In solitude no one else is there. With no one else around there is no incentive to jealous or greedy feelings, no one to sway your thoughts to make you want more, better, or newer. In solitude it is enough to just be.

In life the most important thing I can ever do is to find out who I am as a person. With each passing day the definition of me as a person becomes more and more clear. In solitude I find the time and means of knowing myself. Being me is most important and when I grow old and forgetful I will always be able to retreat to my place of solitude to find myself if nothing else.