I Believe in Leaders

Gregory - Lexington, South Carolina
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: legacy

This I Believe

Personally, I believe in having good leaders in the world today. When I’m at school I see so many followers that have no intention of branching out. People do not seem to understand in order to make it in this world; one must stand out and be counted. Looking back at people like Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks, one can see true leaders. These people stood up for what they believed in and stood apart from what others where use to. My father use to tell me “son, the world is like a hand, the people are the fingers and you should be the thumb”. Followers do not make rules they only pursue them.

How can change be made if everyone is crowed around each other and blocking the way? Leaders have to be the light to guide people out of darkness. Leaders are not everyday people they are pioneers of the future physically and mentally. If one thinks about our society and the issues our country is going through, one has to ask themselves where are the leaders? Who is going to stand up for the war, for abortion, gun laws, or terrorism? Our forefathers gave us the Declaration of Independence to be independent not just from England, but from a caged mind.

I do not want this to be the generation where no great leaders stood up and fought for what he or she believed in. In 2080, I do not want history books to be filled with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and have no good leader written in this day and age. We have too many fake leaders that say, I’m going to do this and that, but nothing is done but more chaos and confusion. Others have fought so hard for Americans to speak, but yet no one has anything to say. Why do we complain only when the mike is away from our lips?

Americans love to criticize, however no one never wants to help out. Sometimes I wonder if the generations before us spoiled us rotten, for the reason that Americans do not want to lead.

Finally, I just want to say that Leaders will never be taught in school or forced to open his or her mouth. The individual can only be lead to explore different venues. I believe in leaders because I was raised to be independent. Even as a toddler my father would use tell me not to cling on my mother so much, since one day I was going to be a man. I did not just write this for the older generation, but also for the younger generation. Yes the older generation is smart expect the younger generation has the strength and the enthusiasm to press toward the mark. I believe the young people need to also realize they we to have a voice and need to be heard as we are the future. We have good example of leader just by looking at the past. I believe we as Americans call for a great leader.