Love is for a Purpose

Christina - Auburn, Massachusetts
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that love is for a purpose. Finding those who truly care about you makes life worthwhile. Love can be between a few individuals or an entire community. Those who see the good inside others become unified and share qualities together. Never knowing what chapter it will begin, love tests emotions and brings out character. It reflects true perfection and the joy and happiness in life. The satisfaction of searching for love is rewarding and intentional.

Being a student in high school, I have never had a true, serious relationship. I have gotten close to others, but it has never worked out. I have never had one individual that I can show my feelings towards and rely on for everything. Sometimes, I complain about how I need a relationship, but understand that it will eventually happen and just take time. I feel that I can wait for the perfect person to come along and realize that it is the best decision to wait. A few of my friends are in serious, loving relationships and when they are having a disagreement, their relationship is similar to driving on a rocky road. I think that differences between loving people are necessary to live happily. They reflect on how life is a challenge and things happen for a reason. Learning new things everyday allows people to gain knowledge from others and help them when needed. Love connects people to new ideas to find a purpose in life and shows how individuals act around others to express themselves, and eventually become happy.

Although not having a serious relationship, I express myself in ways I cannot describe with my friends. I can be with them in good or bad times and always enjoy myself. Being with them makes me feel wanted and loved. They help me let go of my emotions and try new things. People say that the hardest part of high school is finding a new group of friends and make the time fly by having fun. I disagree. I think that when you find people who are similar to you, an instant connection arises. You always want to be with them and learn from what they have done. By caring for people close to me, I demonstrate that I will do anything to assist them and make them better. As time goes on, love will show me the true test in life and the plan for happiness and success.