I Believe in Equality of Men and Women

Farbod - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe in equality of man and women. In the world that we live in today, equality of men and women is sometimes abused and discriminated against. When a person applies for a job, one of the many questions that are asked is if the applicant is either a male or female. Many companies pride themselves in being fair and not discriminating based on race, color, gender, or sexuality. If the applicant is not discriminated against based on any of the above questions, then why ask.

I have lived in two cultures that have completely different views on equality of men and women. In the east, women are looked at as objects that a man has purchased. Upon marriage, the man is responsible to pay an amount of money to the father of the bride. When married, it is the responsibility of the women to have children and take care of the household. Some women are lucky enough to receive an education and support themselves, but many rely on their husbands for financial support. It is an old saying that states, “A women is simply useless with out her man.” Now society is changing everyday and a more western culture is taking over the old fashion traditions. This brings hope to women who feel that they can offer more to the world than having kids and cleaning the house.

Fly across the world for about twelve hours and a new definition of equality is in the horizon. America’s views are opposite of Iran! Here women are strong and independent. Most men respect women for who they are and their ability to survive without them. No culture is perfect, but I feel as if the western culture is heading towards the right direction.

No one will ever know the answer but I know that both men and women have one thing in common and that is the power to do whatever they desire. Our anatomy might not allow us to be identical but both men and women pose many similar aspects. When society realizes the commonalities of a human being despite their gender, then the separation between men and women is abolished.