Finding Our Place

MacGregor - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on March 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature, place

Nature has its way of humbling you and making you feel completely at peace all at once. For me, nothing can be more calming than to immerse myself in nature’s beauty, getting away from the things that distract us in our every day lives.

I have lived on the edge of a ravine my entire life and in my childhood I would regularly venture down into its depths. The ravine cut through the city separating houses with its steep slopes layered with trees. It was my own little forest and was a place for me to be alone and discover new things on my own. In the ravine I wouldn’t have to watch out for cars before I crossed the street or do my chores. I found it exiting to be able to get away from modern day amenities and be in the wild as I knew it even if it was only an hour or two. This is where my admiration for nature began.

I have gained more appreciation for the earth and all of its inhabitants throughout my life. Nature constantly seems to find new ways to fascinate me. On a regular basis I find myself looking out the car window up at Mt Rainier and I am in awe at the powerful giant that stands tall, 14,000 feet above me. Or as I walk out my front door and gaze up one of the massive evergreen trees that towers over me, and knowing that I’m just a dot in the eyes of a tree. It is these moments that are important.

It is imperative for us as humans to know our place. This wondrous planet we live on is neither ours nor any other species to have. It takes looking up a tree or standing in the shadow of a mountain to realize how insignificant we really are, and yet how significant we make ourselves. I believe that nature is the ultimate humbler and that it is a necessity to submerge yourself in it, for only then can you truly recognize your place on this earth we live upon.