Success & Learning

Geff - Gaylord, Michigan
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that with hard work, anyone can be successful. Back when I was nine I had the opportunity to race, karts that is, and I gladly took it. The first year we put a lot of sweat into those Summer Fridays, and having my sister and I racing in one kart didn’t help matters any. Not only that, but we had to do a lot of experimenting to try and get the kart figured out, and trust me, there is a lot more to it than you would think.

Our second year was a little more successful, but we still had a lot of learning to do. Now, after 7 years of karting, I would still say that there are some things we don’t know, which proves how complex those toys can get. But, upon learning everything we did, in my 6th year, all the hard work and experience paid off: I won my first championship. Not only one, but a second the next year.

I also believe that you should learn from your past. Despite winning a second championship in a row, I could hardly call it amazing. In my opinion, I got lucky. After someone succeeds in something they feel better about themselves, but sometimes too much. Not only was there a guy that was better than me out there, not so much in skill but in effort, that same person, whenever he showed up, beat me every week. I knew I was fully capable of beating him, but for some reason I couldn’t. Sadly enough, at the closing of the season I realized: I wasn’t trying hard enough. I remember back when I would drive that thing so hard it would barely stay on the track, and that 7th year, I didn’t. That night I left that track knowing that I was just as bad as everyone else who only gives half effort, and the tears showed it. I regret that day more than any other that I know of.

I believe that successful people are most commonly hard workers, and that hard workers can become successful. I also believe that if you don’t learn from your past, you will make the same mistake again in the future.