Turning Dreams into Reality

Max - Eagle, Idaho
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Dreams are expensive. It takes sacrifice, hard work and determination for a person to achieve their dreams. My mother taught me that.

Spring had just arrived in my seventh grade year of 2003. It was that year when I had discovered my passion, filmmaking. In English class we had to write about a career we were interested in pursuing in the future and I had chosen Film Directing. I remember spending hours reading and studying for, getting all the information I could to put into the paper. Finally after three weeks of hard work, I was finally done and I turned in my “A+” paper, but that was only the beginning. Soon later I made a first home video, it was the most fun I had ever had. The end product wasn’t all that great, but it inspired me to continue. My mom was right there to support my ideas and decisions. One day, she said she needed ot talk to me.

She said, “I’ve noticed you’ve recently found a new interest in film directing. If you need anything, just let me know” She was the first person to actually recognize that film production was a growing interest of mine.

Every day, I would spend hours, looking at career databases, looking for video contest, looking for video classes, but I soon found out that a twelve-year-old was not eligible or did not meet the requirements for any type of opportunity. My mom pulled me over to the side and said, “Don’t get discouraged, if you to become a filmmaker, then you need to earn it. Its one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” This means that I need not only to have the idea, but I also need the willingness to work hard and endure through the sacrifice. She told me that if I keep working hard, then one day I would achieve me dreams. Ever since that that day I’ve been working harder than ever to learn from books, classes and competitions. I mowed lawns all summer for three summers in a row, and saved up all my money, then finally I enough to purchase my equipment. Every time I felt discouraged, I will always remember that dreams are expensive; not only in the idea of when it comes to the pocket book, but when it also comes to sacrifice and decision making. It will take anything and everything one has to achieve it. With sacrifice, hard work, and determination, anything is possible.