my ways

Jacob - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My Philosophy

Life is an experience living life to the fullest, to do what is fun and exciting. The Three main principles to that philosophy are: religion, family education and a job/ hobby. The religion is to make sense of the world and to believe that there is a purpose to life. Family teaches the values and the guidance for living a successful life. The education is to learn how to interact with the world and a key role in getting a successful job. The main occupation is to support yourself and the family. The hobby is to indulge myself into a particular thing as something to keep me busy other than a job.

My religion as a catholic explains the purpose and how I believe I should live my life, the readings and the rituals are to remind me of that. The way that it interreges me is the community that I have become a part of. The welcoming of the community keeps me motivated in hard times. Being part of the youth Group helps that, because I work with teenagers that are my age or younger and feel like I can express myself as who I am through the retreats and the voluntary service.

The second principle of an exciting life is my family. The things that make my family exciting are the family events,. The family events include: reunions, vacations and parties. Reunions are cool because I get to see relatives and catch up on life. The vacations are the best part because I have been to pretty neat places. A few months ago I went to the Caribbean on a cruise, and have been to Disney land. The family parties are my parents friends and family getting together to catch up on life. The best part is to listen to all the stories of what people have done or had to deal with.

The third principle is a job and hobby, to support family and to keep me busy. I think that the daily hassles of the job world are what keep life going. It’s what makes life so interesting. Being able to deal with those hassles defines who you are in the corporate world. After a while the hassles ware on you and you have to take a break. That is what a hobby is for. My hobby is to restore cars, mainly classic cars. Restoring cars is a way of life; it is another way that defines who you are. Restoring cars develops patience, persistence, and individuality to finish a car.

I believe that life should be an experience to live life to the fullest. Being able to do whatever you want and to live to life is the way to go. The exciting part is ability to show off who you are by what you’ve done and who you hang with. For me it’s hanging with family, working, and restoring car. That all life is about for me.