Music is Soul

Stephen - Portland, Oregon
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that music is the essence of someone’s soul. Music has been the longest lasting legacy passed down from teacher to pupil for generations. I believe that true music is created from the heart, whether it is the sorrows of a life’s tragedy or the joy of a new desire. For me as a imminent musician, music has been the only true friend that has helped me out through hardships and uninvited incidents. When listening to musicians express their thoughts and ideas through their music and talent, it gives a surrounding awareness, showing me and other that we are not alone in the struggles with life, which is thrown at us. I believe music is also a spiritual remedy of exalting ones beliefs and bringing them closer to others of who share the same faith.

Not only do I believe music is an essential for everyday use, but if a person does not listen to something that brightens their day. They are subjected to bring others down and feel as they do. Ever since my ex and I broke apart from one another, I have felt nothing but sorrow and confusion. Music is that one friend that has stood by and helps me get through the day, and now I am seeing things more clearly and I feel a lot better.

Music is the antidote for feeling better there is no real scientific explanation but music stimulates the soul. My longing for happiness isn’t going to be found in someone else, what I mean is I am not going to wait for someone to make me happy. Music is the only thing that will truly give me the greatest joy in life.

Unlike everything else, I believe music is the way to express a feeling that will end up reflecting, and bringing others together that feel the same way and unite people.

One person cannot create a feeling but numerous people with the same passion and same indifference can start a movement.