Fat Kid Theory

Hayley - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everyone is a fat kid at heart – this is what I believe. Fat kids don’t necessarily have to be physically overweight; what matters more is their mindset. This is the essence of the fat kid.

Fat kids take pleasure in making people laugh; therefore most of their time is not spent accomplishing important things, but rather goofing off, compiling new jokes to tell, and trying to be funny. Often times, a fat kid’s sense of humor is underappreciated. Fat kids usually find themselves being laughed at when they don’t want to be, and having no one laugh when they are actually trying to be funny. Sense of humor is a fundamental characteristic in fat kids, as many jokes are made at their expense, and their sense of humor is used to deflect hurtful words from others.

Another classic fat kid trait is the love of food. Fat kids are constantly thinking about food. They ponder what they will have for their next meal, and they look to food as a form of therapy. Fat kids eat when they are upset, they eat when they are happy, they eat when they are angry, and pretty much any other time, whether they are actually hungry or not.

Fat kid personalities have been made famous in movies such as the Goonies, Stand By Me, the Sandlot, and in cartoons like Recess.

So embrace the fat kid within. Keep telling those jokes, and eat whatever you want, whenever you want to. Enjoy the life you’re given.