Many lives

Thomas - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was young lad my mother told me a story. She said long ago she had visited a psychic. This psychic told her stuff about all her children, including me. She said my brother would succeed. She said my sister would succeed. What she said about me was different though. She claimed I had lived many lives.

I wasn’t sure how I should take that at first, but in a way those words became a template for my beliefs. I thought much about my past lives. Who was I? What did I accomplish? Then I began to view people differently, what if we all had past lives? What if that person I can’t stand was my best friend in a previous time? There is no way of knowing, so I try to treat everyone well.

I guess my philosophy would be to treat others as if they were your best friend, because at one time they may have been. I’ve lived by this for a while now. Whenever someone is mean to me I don’t fight back. I just wonder why. Is what I did really that bad. I forgive them most of the time for the problems they have caused me and try to make equal ground between the two of us by finding out how I upset them and talking it over with them. We all do share this world, and have shared it before, and will probably share it again.

To me, we’re just players in a game. Maybe we were placed randomly in our bodies, or maybe we chose to be this way. Either way, I try to treat all equally and as a friend. For all I know they were my friend. Or maybe they were even me before. So next time you yell at someone, you may be yelling at your children, friends, lover, or even yourself.