Why so much hate

NightRaven - nope, Idaho
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I’n this I believe that there will be no change or understanding in this world.I beleave that there shall not be a person ready on day one of a new dawn.I believe that showing over powering streagth without trying to talk:just adds to the world’s troubles..I believe that the human race has lost it’s way and is only breeding more and more haterd torroward all mankind.I believe that it is a shame that we ( All Peaples) of the world rather fight and destroy instead of learning from our differenances.It has always amazed me that a man or woman would hate another man or woman just because of one’s differances.Be it that they may be red,white black pick or blue.Or because one believes in one god,and one, another god.Or one person wants the goverments run one way and another person wants to run the goverments there way.I beleave mankind has tried war for many years and it has only brought hatered and pain.I have always thought that if the peoples of the world could ever respect our differentances we would be able to learn and grow.I beleave that all the hatered and distruction in the world is there because people can not talk to each other face to face without having conditions before the door is ever opened.I beleave that people and places change but they all stay the same and the hatered grows more year after year.There once a great man many many years ago who was very wise.In a statement he said (I will fight no more forever) because he only wanted to save his people.But because of the difference the lesson was never looked to for growth.And that is why I beleave he did what he did was becaue of war.And why was there war,his skin was red and they were affaid of something that was different.But this is just a beleaf of only one small man in a great big world.For this I beleave my god and your god forgive us for our disrespect and hatered.