A Belief in Life

Shabbir - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

When my Grandma started shivering like a leaf, I knew that something was wrong and she was in a really bad shape. So my dad rushed her to the emergency room and I thought that she was going to die but somewhere in my mind I heard a strange voice and kept saying that she was fine and she was going to come home right now. As we sat in the hospital the time didn’t proceed and suddenly a light turned on and the doctor came out and said that she was fine and had a minor heart attack. But the strange thing was the voice. Maybe that’s what is called hope.

Hope is nothing but believing in you and trying to come out with a positive attitude. Hope is not just a one thing but it is the part of the whole world, where they expect and believe for what could happen. Everyone in this world lives with hope. Without hopes this world would be without spirits. Hope can be used at any time and any place like if you were watching a game you would hope your team wins. Another example would be you go to buy something from the store and you would hope that they carry it.

Hope is nothing but a feeling that arises from inside and makes you believe that it is still possible. One of my experiences from hope would be the one when I was trying out for an essay competition and there were like 1,500 people and they only accepted only 300 people. I knew that I had a really slim chance of getting in but my hopes were very high and it just made me remind that I am going to be accepted and there would be no problem but I didn’t get accepted and it was not a bid deal for me.

Hope is nothing but something that relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable. My experience with hope is just like, other peoples experience with their spirit and passion. everyone hopes and lives. Another experience with hope would be I was watching a game and really hoped to see my team win and my hopes were really high and my team won.

Hope is nothing but an inner feeling which gives you strength and passion for life. Hope is not something a person is born with it. Hope is something in you believed in or something you are passion about. Hopes can not be control and it just comes from inside. Hopes come in all types like sometimes they are negative and positive, they are full of emotions. Hope is why this world beliefs and are passionate. Without hope this world is without nature.