Doing What’s Right

Josh - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Doing What’s RIght

As young children, almost

everybody remembers the lessons they

learned from their parents and teachers. Most

lessons, if not all of them, seemed to be of the

same repetitive nature: be respectful to

others, take responsibility for yourself, and

always show great integrity, just to name a

few. However while these teachings may seem

like small or obvious motions, far too often it

seems people are forgetting about these

basics. I believe in doing the right thing in life,

that is, being respectful to everybody, and

always demonstrating integrity whether or not

it’s the easiest option for us and our own


If I can take the personal

responsibility to help out others in need, and

try to be as unselfish as I can, I hope it will be

possible to make another’s life better in some

way. I often think of my Mom when such

situations arise. Watching her actions in life

have greatly shaped the way I view my own

philosophies on life, and the summer of my

junior year in high school would be my Moms

greatest example to come.

I still remember the day my Mother

delivered the news to me. I had just managed

a whole day of sitting on my waterbed, and its

crumpled white comforters, when she knocked

on the door to my room (she always knocked

before entering). It was then that she told me

that my sister was having some problems and,

my two nieces, Destiny and Shyana, would be

coming to live with us. This information didn’t

anger or upset me, but rather confused me.

My Mom has raised four kids of her own

already and I’m sure she was looking forward

to retirement form that area of life. So why

take on all this extra responsibility?

Now it may not have been the

responsibility of my Mom to take my sisters

children and raise them herself, but she did

anyway. Whenever I ask her why she did so

she gives me the same answer every time, it’s

the right thing to do. They deserved the

opportunity to live the best life possible, and

she couldn’t sit by and do nothing for her own

grandchildren. Her words from that day, I

remember them well.

My Mom is easily the most

influential person in my life and has made me

who I am today. It’s because of her and her

actions that I always try to do what’s right in

life. It can be as simple as giving a dollar back

to someone who dropped it, or not talking in

class when the teachers not looking. However

it can also be something as serious as raising

another’s own children and giving them the

best life possible. After all, we can’t always sit

back and take the easy way out, where would

the world be then?