I believe in the bonds

marki - jesup, Iowa
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the bonds that people make when they know each other for a long time. I believe that the bonds will always be there no matter what.

I was dating a guy for three and half yeas we learn a lot from each other, and a lot about each other. I know what makes him mad and he knows what makes me mad. We just knew everything about each other and sometimes that is a bad thing, because when we get mad we would push each other buttons just to make the other one mad. We both did it, and we know we did it, so we fought all the time. It came down to that we couldn’t do the fighting all the time. Even though we are not together no more we still talk and love each other and I believe because of that bond that we made we will always be friends

After you know someone for so long you share things with them, you get to know them, and you become friends or you realize you don’t like them.. But what ever one happens that is a bond you have. Some bonds are bad bonds like this person that has been in my life we have always had a bad bond. We went to school together and there was really never a reason for us not to get along it is just the kind of bond we had. I believe the way we acted was because of a bad bond

I believe bonds hold people together if it bad ones or good ones. I believe the bonds we make in life will always be there.