Jessics - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on March 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that I have always had a best friend. When I was in the first grade, some of my classmates would go around asking other students to be their best friend. I thought that asking someone to be their “best friend” was a little strange. Besides, how can someone you just met be your “best” friend? I remember walking towards the swing set with another one of my classmates then the question, “Will you be my best friend?” was asked. I stopped walking and took a moment to think of a nice way of saying how I really felt about friendship without hurting my classmate’s feelings. I managed to come up with, “I don’t want a best friend.”

I thought that not having a best friend was great until I realized that less and less of my classmates would talk or play with me. “It had to have been the ‘best friend’ question!” was the only reason I could think of. I did not mind though because I wanted to stick to my word and if that meant that I would have fewer friends, then so be it! So, I brushed off the thought of ever having a best friend for years.

As I grew up though, I felt distant from everyone because of my stubbornness. I did have friends but that was just it, they were only “friends.” They were people that I would sit with during lunch, recess or whenever there was a social time for me. I was never close enough to consider any of them as a best friend.

My life at school might have been lonesome, but my life at home was a different story. At home, there was always someone I could talk to about anything, someone to play with, and someone to laugh with. Instead of having just one best friend I have three! My mother and both of my sisters are the only people that I consider to be my “best friends.” They are the only people that I could actually become close to. After all, they are my family and they are the ones that can stand my stubbornness.