Katherine - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


There are many different forces which motivate the individuals and groups in our society to complete a task. Tasks may vary in labor and intensity, but there is one common thread which motivates others to take part in society; Passion. I believe in the driving force of passion. Passion is not something which can be taught. It comes from within an individual and cannot be held back. I believe in passion to carry on our world through hard times and through easy times.

In the sixties, the passion for racial equality drove so many to sacrifice their social standing, good names, and even lives for a better tomorrow. So many individuals in the movement were aware of the consequences of breaking the law, but the passion inside these people would not let them stand still. Even our founding fathers strived off of passion. The desire and want to escape religious persecution drove many to come to this liberated land of America, and prompted the writers of our constitution to maintain and establish that desire of freedom.

Even today, passion has become present in my everyday life. I am fortunate enough to have witnessed its effect on many of my peers, as well as adults in my life. The passion ignited in one student to stop the genocide in Sudan lead to the divestment of Kansas. The passion spread from this one student to so many others, eventually leading to a run half way across our country to raise awareness of the horrors of genocide. Teachers also have a passion for helping others. What makes a good teacher successful is their desire and passion to reach out to students and help them, whether in academia or life in general. You can tell when a teacher wants to be in class. The excitement seen in their face and heard in their voice could never be replicated by one who did not feel passionately about teaching.

Passion does help others, but it does help one’s self as well. The passion for dance motivated my good friend to pursue dancing in college over what her parents wanted her to do. The happiness my friend experiences when dancing directly parallels her passion for the art form. Her love of dance cannot be taught to others, but must be felt from the inside.

It is my hope that I can find something I am passionate about to participate in for the rest of my life. I want to find something that motivates me to complete a task that makes a difference. The difference may be to only me, or to thousands of others. I believe in passion to be the utmost force which changes our world; in the past, present, and the future of our society.