A Child’s Dream

Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: immigrant, place

Coming to the United States had always been a dream for me because I was born here, but my parents went to Mexico when I was 2 years old and never came back till April 25, 2002. I would never forget the day, because it was the day that change my life for good or bad, I remember getting on the airplane and I didn’t wanted to get on because I was afraid that it may fall down since it was during those days that the twin tower were destroy. But as soon as the plane landed I was the happiest one, because for the first time I was looking at a different world, not like where I used to live where we didn’t had nice roads, or houses. The different smell I can say because it was clean not like Mexico. The first thing we did when we got here was eat, but my question was where and my dad said wait till we get there all of you are going to like it and their it was a

MC DONALD. I mean the was a big thing for me and my brothers because all we used to eat back in Mexico was beans since we didn’t had enough money to buy food or cloths for my brothers and I. everything in this country was perfect the houses, the city, the people, even the streets were better it was a dream the finally came true. Me recuerdo caminando por las Calles de los barrios siendo señalado anda todo tatuado, no trabaja

y es un vago, claro que trabajo y empecé desde abajo, apuntando en mi libreta lo que la vida me trajo. Seria fácil para mi solo escribir sobre rimas asombrosas presumir que tengo un flow que conquista diosas pero eso no me importa yo solo bengo hablarles de mis cosas.