smile as you wave

Christina - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In my earlier life, I was in a cluster of dark clouds. I was trying to be the leader of the pack. Growling and ordering things to my pack. With a sinister smile, I lived that way, and I didn’t have that open heart. From afar I watched people giggling and lively at the same time. So much light surrounded those people. I was the shadow of a mountain. Then one day my cluster of dark clouds dwindled and was overpowered by warmth. Someone bright and glowing came to say “hi” to me. At that brief moment I was stunned and perplexed. Why would someone come by and allow themselves to be open to me? Without a word I just sat there. Days went by and there were moments when I tried to plan a way to avoid such situations if someone approached me the same way. All the plans I thought of didn’t work out. At night I lay down and thought about who I was and what my life would depend on. I reflected and looked at the faces of my pack and they had a throbbing of hardships and dissatisfaction. My dream of becoming a dark chief was not going to happen. I needed to change my views and personality. Once more people came to me with an outstanding gleam of light and triggered my heart with their greeting. They were kind people, easy-going, and who could help people in their ups and downs. I curved my lips gently and my voice wavered a shy “hi.” From then on, I felt more open to the world around me. There was more satisfaction as being a happy person than a selfish person. So, now I try to brighten up my group of friends and lose the say-so I once held.

This greeting inspires me a lot. It’s a greeting that starts and enhances your day. I thought it was pretty dorky, but hey, everyone needs some dorkiness to live. For some reason, it makes you feel like you’re making the world a lot better. With a wave, a smile and a “hi” you can improve lives on a daily basis.

Smile, wave, and say hi even if you look like a dork.

Smile, wave, and say hi even if you were ignored by the person.

Smile, wave, and say hi even if you are shy.

Smile, wave, and say hi because it’s a beautiful world.

See what this can do for the greater good.