The Mystery of Change

Kareen - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

Imagine yourself at a very young age, no one to count on but your family. You aren’t able to make any friends because no one wants to be friends with the new person. So you sit in the corner of the classroom, watching everyone else. You are going from school to school, year after year, feeling more and more alone. You see the other kids around you laughing, playing, and having fun together. You sit on the swings by yourself.

You’ve been in the same town for a few years so you felt that it’s now ok to try and make some friends, but still walking alone through the halls. A few friends lead to meeting more people, meeting more people lead to relationships and people to talk to. Plans are made to get to know more people and you start to live life more and more each day.

You get into high school and realize that it is much harder then you had thought, but you still move on and work hard. It comes to your last year in high school and your parents decide to move half way across the country. This is very upsetting and you talk to the friends you’ve made about it. You are old enough to decide for yourself where you want to go. It’s decided that you will stay with family while your parents move away. You start your last year and try to make the most of it. You meet more people, make more friends, work even harder, and enjoy life to the fullest.

A few months go by, problems rise and you have to move out of your family’s house. You end up staying with one of the friends you’ve made through out the years. You become as unhappy as you were when you were little. Things start to happen and you have become depressed. A few more months go by and you move out of your friend’s house and in with people you have known for years. The last few months of high school go by and you graduate with all the friends you’ve made. Life has been a lot better and enjoyable since the last move. Things get confusing of what to do for your life after high school. You then decide to join your parents half way across the country for the beginning of your new life.

I believe that life changes, everyday is different no matter how much we try to keep things the same. Memories are made, friends are made, relationships and friendships grow, and people grow as and individual. It’s how life works. It works in a mysterious way.