Faces Beware

Daniel - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This one time in High School it started out like any other day. My day began with psychology class. I went and the teacher told us to write what we were doing during the upcoming weekend. After a few minutes he told us his amazing adventures he would have building huge three-story snowmen (in early fall) and vacationing in Caribbean islands without his wife. He then asked us to redo the assignment. It was clearly meant to be fictional, so I thought I’d inject a bit of humor. I decided that during my weekend I would prevent the teacher from implied adulterous activities, and shoot him in the face. Of course I would follow this by evading the police and moving to Africa to become a warlord. The teacher called on me to read my response out loud, and, unfortunately, I did. I guess he didn’t appreciate the humor.

I believe that life is like rape. Some might believe that is an offensive thing to say, but in no way am I condoning rape. I simply find that rape can be used as an apt analogy. So, on that fateful day, I learned that although something may seem enjoyable to me, other people wouldn’t like it. This is an unfortunate reality, but I feel that if I just abided by what everyone else told me to do I wouldn’t enjoy myself. Thus, in life, like rape, you can only have fun if you take charge. Consequentially, other people’s feelings aren’t particularly important to me. Thus I manage to thoroughly enjoy myself.

This may sound like a completely egocentric life philosophy, and if you said that to me I would heartily agree. Although I would like to fully execute this philosophy, a second part modifies the conditions. My actions are bounded by convenience. For example, I might be walking down the street and think “gee, that seems like a really nice car. I think I’d like to have it.” In a perfect world, for me at least, I would simply take the car and not give it a second though. In this wonderful era, I would most likely end up spending time in prison, unless I went through a bunch of precautions, but that would be too much work anyways. So I find myself having to strike a balance between what I would like to do and the results of this action. Even though this world is a highly regulated one, I find that I am not a particularly vindictive person, and am rarely caught afraid of consequences. Thus I find myself continuing to enjoy life rather thoroughly.