The Earth at my Feet

Bruce - tacoma, Washington
Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

When I think of the earth at my feet, I think of all the loving things that the Mother Earth has given me to live on, and love always, and when my body is laid to rest with her, and my spirity joins my loving creator for evermore, I know that my body will be cared for by her, because I loved and cared for her throught my walk on this earth.

When I think of all the life and love there is in the earth, it makes me know that God above has a truce loving heart for all man kind, and that each day I live on this earth I breath in that love, and see that love all around me with in the earth.

We all have our diffrence’s in our life and we all have our beliefs, but when it comes to the earth that we all walk on and live from, we all must care for what has been given to us, with love and care from Mother Earth.

No man that has lite skin or dark skin, are from one part of the earth or the other can not stop loving this beautiful creation that God has given him with all his love.

This love I call ‘Mother Earth’ because she is like my mother’s love, that is so strong and beautiful, just like the earth at my feet.

When you truly think about it, the Mother Earth, and your mother who gave you life, are the same in so many ways, if you love Mother Earth and your life giving Mother like I do, and truly give them love and respect with all your heart and soul, you will see the true gift from God, and you will have all that love with you, as you stand and walk on this earth.