I believe in Life

Jacqueline - Worcester, Massachusetts
Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in life. Having a chance to live is worth more than any gift you can get in the world. One day, people are going to realize that getting rid of a life does not solve any of their problems, it just makes them worse.

In my school, in Worcester, Massachusetts, a lot of students chose to have unprotected sex, not realizing the consequences. Most of them made a decision to have the baby instead of killing the poor human being. I’m very glad that we have mothers and their children running around in the school, instead of having killers who do not believe in life, acting like they did not do anything wrong. How can someone make

a big choice as to kill an innocent human being, when they don’t even know what they might be in the future.

People shouldn’t think about getting abortions. They should think about the future of baby, not the future of themselves. Some people make the wrong decision of getting an abortion because they do not want their boyfriend or girlfriend to leave, or maybe they believe that if they get an abortion they’ll get that promotion they always wanted at their jobs. Humans sometimes think of the stupidest reasons to get out of a big situation.

Suppose that someone you know and care about gets pregnant and wants to get an abortion. What will you do to stop them? Wouldn’t they usually think of their future first when deciding to kill the baby? What if they let the baby live, and he ends up winning a noble prize, or being the one to cure Cancer or HIV/AIDS. Then the child’s parents will proud of him or her, that the child got a chance to live.