I believe in saving humanity

Jermoh - Worcester, Massachusetts
Entered on March 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in saving humanity. I believe that no one has the right to suffer in the hands of an antagonism ruler and suffer from his flaws. I was only 10 when me and my people experienced brutality from the president of our country, Liberia. Today I’m able to see that his goals were different from other presidents because he watched his people dodge bullets, while pregnant women ran with babies on their backs at the same time carrying heavy loads on their head and abandoning their homes. For a while it was like the great depression because no one could find food or a suitable living place because savage soldiers were trying to take over the city. Sometimes, if you were unlucky they would burn down your house, or oftentimes make you watch while they tortured your family.

I was a victim of this at the age of 10 and I’m not sympathizing with my self because I know that kids even younger than my self experienced more than I did and saw more than I’ve seen. How I know? After the war, just few months before my arrival to the great United States, I saw kids who I once went to school with, either missing an arm, legs, or ears. Worst of all was the pain that they felt of loosing their parents and now becoming an orphan in the streets. I could see the solemn look on their faces that was fill with pain. At that very moment, as little as I was, I wish that I had the hands to help them, by, making a change in their lives and bringing them to the US.

I believe in saving humanity because I think that all kid should have a change and a prosperous life. No one would like to be a victim of something that they don’t have a part in. We all should believe in saving humanity because it’s the only way we could conquer peace in the world. I would like to spread the words that kids are the foundation of the next century.